The Ponies

As I’ve said earlier, riding is a huge thing in my family. So it was no surprise to anyone when my little sister Christine took up riding as well. She is currently under the instruction of Lois and Peter Mulligan, who have done a fantastic job of bringing her up from the short stirrup beginner division, and grooming her into a top pony rider. I’ve always had an invested interest in my little sister’s riding. A lot of my frustrations with riding stem from the fact I never really had a solid foundation. I’ve spent the past few years going “back to basics” with my riding to overcome those struggles. Despite that, I wanted to make sure my sister didn’t have to go through that. Probably my favourite part of the Mulligan’s program is that it centres on establishing good basic riding skills. With this solid foundation, who knows what in Christine’s future.

Little Miss Sunshine

Rosey & Christine, May 2011 - Photo Credit: Janet Richardson

Rosey is a 2002 Welsh mare by Blue Rain, who is known through North America as one of the top pony sires. Peter and Lois helped us purchase this pony in the fall of 2009. Once we got to know Rosey, I wanted to change her name to Audrey, after the Venus-Fly-Trap in the Little Shop of Horrors. Though Rosey isn’t a man eater (that we know of), her loves in life are food, and more food. Although she loves to eat, Rosey is the perfect show pony in every way. She’s very sweet, and gentle. She’s recently started doing the lead line division with a three-year old girl upon her back, and has been a perfect pony in that role. In 2010, Rosey was overall OHJA Reserve Champion Small Pony Hunter. After a sucessful circuit in Ocala, Florida this winter, we’re looking forward to a great 2011 season.

Tiffany Blue

Foxy & Christine - June 2011 (Photo Credit: Janet Richardson)

Foxy is a 2006 Welsh mare by Blue Fox (son of Blue Rain). Foxy came to us from Shane Wooley and Michelle Matthews. I had kept Cycan at their farm in Brockville during my last year at Queen’s and developed a rapport with them. When Shane told me they had a medium pony for sale that I should buy for my sister, I initially thought he was joking. When they informed me they were bringing the pony to a horse show we were also planning on attending, I said we would take a look. After trying her in the pouring rain, and finding out that Christine was the first child to ever sit on her back, we made the decision to buy Foxy. All conventional wisdom in the book on horse purchasing said we shouldn’t buy the pony. Foxy was young, inexperienced and the first pony we looked at. But she was brave, beautiful and kind. After being circuit Grand Reserve Champion in Ocala during the winter of 2011, any remaining doubts we had about our choice vanished. We’re looking forward to great things from Foxy during the 2011 summer season. A big thank-you to Shane and Michelle for bringing us this wonderful pony!

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