Dear Professors

If you’re reading this, then I’m going to assume that you’re reviewing my graduate studies application on behalf of your institution. I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit this site and for your overall consideration to your program. I hope browsing this blog gives you a better idea of how important mental development in athletes is to me. I write this blog with the hopes of helping other athletes, especially those who are at a lower level and may not have even considered their mental development. While I don’t pretend to be a replacement for a good coach or a certified sport psychologist, the aim was more to expose others to various ideas, encourage them to think beyond their physical performance and dig deeper to unleash the best athlete within.

Many of the posts combine my own opinions and experiences as well as information from third parties. I’ve used a lot of personal experiences because as an athlete myself, I have overcome struggles that some readers may currently face. If I knew that I helped just one athlete overcome a major obstacle and proceed to the next level of performance, then all this effort will have been worth while.

As an equestrian and a hockey fan, a lot of the topics I discuss here are about those two sports and the potential overlap between the two of them, especially when considering athletic performance.  I’m sure in my application you’ve already read about my specific areas of research (I’ve got more details here), and you’re aware that I think there is some kind of cognitive overlap between the hockey and equestrians – especially when you consider the goaltender’s position.

I do have to ask you to take these posts with a grain of salt – I’ve written things that are perhaps over simplified, but my higher goal is to create something that can be easily digested by the average person. Obviously if this were to be formal academic literature, I would have spent much more time and effort researching and validating my arguments. If your institution did request a sample of my academic writing as a part of my application, then I’m sure you’ve already got a good idea of how I write in an academic context.

There are some posts that aren’t related to sports at all. I’ve included them as well to let some of my personality show through. I’ve been told that I’m very personable, and that skill would serve me well in my professional career. However, many graduate schools don’t conduct interviews. I realize that there are a lot of constraints with time and resources. I hope that this shows you that I am an intriguing individual with a variety of interests and passions.

I’d like to thank you once again for visiting my site and for your overall consideration with my application. Regardless of your academic decision, I would love to hear your feedback and opinions on this blog.

Warm Regards,

-Kelsey Perry-Carlsen

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