Less is More

Whenever I’ve had to deal with drama, my mom usually dishes out this piece of advice – “the less you say, the less that can be taken out of context and misinterpreted.” While this tidbit has helped me manage underhanded people, I’ve recently noticed it being used ringside. Last week, I had an unbelievable run at Spruce Meadows. In three days of competition, my wonderful horse Sara jumped 4 clear rounds, jumping carefully and not so much as touching a single rail. While my horse was a good girl, I too, was on my game and didn’t make a single major mistake.

So what did my coach and supervisor have to say to me when I came out of the ring?

“Good.”  And then he promptly sped away to help another rider.

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Athlete’s Perspective on the Boston Marathon Attacks

Trigger Warning – this post contains images of injuries that some may find upsetting.

Someone once asked me if I would rather be blind or deaf. The answer, without hesitation would be deaf. You think someone like me who love music, and was at one point considered to be a gifted musician and singer would at least pause to weight the pros and cons of losing either my hearing or my vision. The reason why its such an easy decision is that my eyesight is the most important sense I have when it comes to riding. While not having my hearing would make navigating a crowded warm up ring difficult, it would be impossible for me to see a distance to a fence without my eyes.

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Minor Adjustments – the Key to Greatness

R.A. Dickey came into his own when he started throwing knuckleballs.

Let me preface this by saying I don’t follow baseball. Consider this your trigger warning, and I hope I interpret this right. It’s not that I don’t want to – it’s just that it’s really hard to stay focused on a game that doesn’t have a fixed time of play. You would think that someone who eats up hockey statistics and numbers the way I do would be obsessed with MLB, especially in a post-Moneyball era. Sadly, this is not the case. Which is why I was surprised when I got hooked on an article I read about R.A. Dickey and his success with his go-to knuckleball – a style of throwing that is seldom used by other pitchers.

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Where Will Iginla Go?

The Flames’ captain is in his 16th NHL season

With the NHL Trade deadline of April 3rd rapidly approaching, one of the questions weighing on a lot of Flames’ fan’s minds is where their Captain will go. According to BleacherReport.com, the 35 year-old power forward has listed Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh as teams he would accept a trade to. While its obvious why any player would want to join any of those rosters, and Iginla appears to have several good years left in him, the real question is – will any of them reciprocate the interest?

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A competitive streak is a little bit like a stick of dynamite. When properly used, it can blow everyone and anything away. When it backfires, it blows up in your face. Sometimes, the desire to win and want it more than anything in the world is what pushes you that extra inch to be better, and come out on top. Sometimes, it can cause you to choke. But being competitive is more than a two sided coin. There are athletes out there that know letting go of their desire to win can help them get their desired win. Competitiveness and the will to win is a very complicated element when it comes to getting your mental game together.


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